Do you have a wide range of followers? A nice own website, blog or YouTube Channel?
Then join us to promote Body and Gym to the widest possible range and earn money while you enjoy a great TV series in the evening!

Through our partner program Trade Tracker You earn a commission of up to 9% per product sold!
This increases faster than you think! And you hardly have to do anything for it!

After you have completed the registration, your data will be checked and the quality of your social media channels, website and / or blog will be assessed. If this is fully approved you will receive the promotional material and possibilities that you place on your website. All orders placed via Body and Gym Shop via your website, blog or personal partner link are registered by Tradetracker, after which they will pay the earned commission to your account! Easy as that!

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Can I link directly to products on your website in addition to a banner?
You can even put our entire assortment or part of our products on your own website. Completely at your own discretion. When customers click on the product with you and make a purchase from us, you will receive up to 9% of the sales amount. You don't have to do anything else about this. (A large part of the assortment is also available as an XML feed!)

Am I tied to a contract?
No, you can cancel our cooperation at any time you wish and with immediate effect. The collaboration will then immediately stop. You can also simply remove the banner (s) from your website, the collaboration will automatically stop. The collaboration does not create any obligation for you.

Is there really no proverbial snag?
No absolutely not. Tradetracker and Body and Gym Shop are renowned and leading companies in their sector. Orders made at Body and Gym Shop are registered very accurately and are always clear and verifiable for you. The commission up to 9% on total revenue is transferred to you on a fixed day each month.

Is every website eligible?
No, Body and Gym Shop reserve the right to refuse partners.

Is this a unique concept?
No absolutely not. Well-known web stores, department stores, and even the world's largest internet retailer use this principle and concept of affiliate / referral marketing.

For questions and / or additional information, just contact us or call + 31 (0) 10 - 818 34 36.