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"Still the same store from Rotterdam"

10 started Body & Gym Shop years ago as a small store in Rotterdam, and this is still the basis of our company. Nutrition and sport will always be closely linked, but it can be quite challenging for people to determine which diet suits them best. This is the reason why people have always felt welcome in our store: we always try to find the right solution for every customer together. And we also want to offer this feeling to the people for whom our store is just a little too far away. That is why we are happy to help you live a healthy and fit life!

Our vision

Our goal is to make the road to a healthier and fitter lifestyle easier for every individual. Whether this is with certain supplements, a different training or a different diet - the point is that the health goals are achieved.

We hope we can help you too. So if you have advice about supplements, sports or health you can rest assured contact contact us!

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