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Real Isolate - Whey Isolate Proteins

  • 22 grams of protein per shake!
  • Contains BCAA and Glutamine!
  • Contains 0 grams of sugar!
  • 88% Protein

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Body & Gym shop - Real Isolate - Pure Proteins

Ultra filtered whey isolate proteins with no less than 88% protein. Body & Gym Shop - Real Isolate is one lactose-free en gluten-free protein shake with only 101 calories per serving. Thanks to the high protein percentage, there is little room for sugar, fats and carbohydrates. The ultimate shake to get protein effectively!

The amino acid profile of Real Isolate is of high quality. With over 21 grams of BCAA per 100 grams and a high number of essential amino acids, this is ideal for your muscles.  

The benefits of proteins

  • Proteins contribute to the growth of muscle mass upon arrival.
  • Proteins contribute to muscle recovery after physical exertion.
  • Proteins contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass during weight loss.

Supplement to your proteins

As an athlete, you can also buy other products from Body & Gym Shop to supplement the supply of protein in the body. BCAA can be useful for extra supply of amino acids during your training. Also Creatine is a good addition to your proteins. It helps improve performance with explosive effort. Keep in mind that the most beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 3 grams of creatine. Then order today Real Creatine.


2000 grams - 750 grams


Banana, Coconut, Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Unflavoured


Dissolve 30 grams of BGS Real Isolate in 200-250 ml of water or milk (the protein shake becomes thinner the more water / milk you use). You can consume our Real Isolate shake 2 - 3 times a day or as needed.  


This product is transported, stored and produced under BRC conditions.


Produced in an environment where the food safety management system meets the requirements set in the following standards:

ISO 22000: 2005, ISO 22002-1 and additional FSSC 22000 requirements.
FSSC 22000: 2011
Food safety certification scheme
FSSC 22000 certification scheme.

The certification system contains an annual audit of the food safety management system and an annual verification of the PRP components and additional requirements as shown in the diagram and the Iso 22002-1.

Nutritional information

A dose: 25 g
Number of doses: 80

  per 100 g per dose (25 g)
Energy 1717 kJ / 405 kcal 429 kJ / 101 kcal
Fat 2,8 g 0,7 g
- Of which saturated 0 g 0 g
Carbohydrates 6,9 g 1,7 g
- Of which is sugar 0 g 0 g
Protein 88 g 22 g
Salt 0,3 g 0,08 g

Typical amino acid profile

 Essential Amino Acids Semi-essential Amino acids Non-essential Amino acids
L-Isoleucine (BCAA) 4915 mg L-Histidine 1859 mg L-Alanine 4915 mg
L-Leucine (BCAA) 10341 mg L-Arginine 2998 mg L-Aspartic acid 10651 mg
L-Valine (BCAA) 5829 mg L-Tyrosine 3142 mg L-Proline 5477 mg
L-Lysine 8909 mg Glycine 2407 mg L-Serine 5505 mg
L-Methionine 2011 mg L-cysteine 2421 mg
L-phenylalanine 3529 mg
L-Threonine 6985 mg
L-Tryptophan 1388 mg


protein matrix [lactose-free whey protein isolate, lactose-free hydrolysed whey protein isolate, lactose-free cross-flow and ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate, bcaa (l-leucine, l-valine, l-isoleucine), sweetener (sucralose), vanilla crystal, color (tartrazine *). * can have a negative effect on activity and attention in children.


Nutritional supplements do not replace a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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