Scitec Nutrition

Scitec - Extra Support Belt

€19,90 EUR


  • Fitness belt
  • For example with squat and deadlift
  • Extra support

What is the Scitec - Extra Support calling?
The belt core of the belt is made of particularly strong and light quality polyester, neoprene and nylon, finished on the outside with black Lycra and a gray net-like material, which gives the belt an exclusive impression. 

On the inside, the belt is covered with a fine, sweat-absorbing, anatomically shaped coating. The belt is stitched all around with a non-fraying strip. The design is fully adapted to the human anatomy and actually a basic requirement, namely to emphasize strengthening of the spine during training and still maintain complete freedom of movement. Thanks to its low weight and special design, the belt can be worn during the entire workout.

50% Polyester
41% Neoprene
0,5% Metal
0,4% Nylon

Available sizes
S, M, L, XL

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