Tastea - 30 Day Detox

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Tastea - 30 Day Detox Tea

  • Detox for morning and evening
  • 30 days cure
  • 100% Natural

In 30 Days Detox Tea

This tea has been specially developed for people who are ready for an active and radiant lifestyle. With the 30-day detox lifestyle you give your body a new boost for a better future.

The 30-day cure consists of 2 special blends (Detox Morning and Detox Evening), each with a unique taste sensation. The Detox Morning provides a fruity start to your day, and the Detox Evening provides a warm night's sleep without theine.


Take the Detox Morning at breakfast and the Detox Evening an hour before you go to bed. Use 2,5 grams per cup / tea cup.


75 grams per can.

Detox Morning

Green tea, China gunpowder, matcha green tea, lemon balm, mate green, natural flavor enhancers (lemon-apricot flavor), white tea (Mao Feng), lemon zest, mallow, Chinese black tea (Pi Lo Chun Longkou), ponytail, taraxacum, spirulina and guarana.

Detox Evening

Apple, verbena, balm, natural flavor enhancers (orange-mandarin flavor), orange peel, hop leaves, tulsi, calendula, lady's mantle, valerian and savory.


May contain traces of nuts, sulfites, soy and lactose.

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